Pollensa wine festival

If you appreciate a good glass of wine and you are interested to learn more about Mallorca wines, there is an event you can’t miss if you are staying on holiday in Puerto Pollensa resort: the wine festival in April.

The wine festival in Pollensa takes place annually in April at the Santo Domingo Cloister in the old town of Pollensa. It is one of the largest wine event on the island with around 40 wine producers participating and approximately 4,000 enthusiasts enjoining the wine tasting opportunity.

History and origin of the wine Festival in Pollensa:

Pollensa’s Wine Fair is organized by the ‘Associació Vi Primitiu de Pollença’ (The Pollença Primitive Wine Association) with the support of the City Hall of Pollença.


Since 1996, a group of friends that love wine-growing meet in order to bring together their efforts and share their experiences in winemaking. It was during summer 1999 that this project grew into an association, giving way to the Associació Vi Primitiu de Pollença, which has its headquarters at the Club Pollença. The name of the association was inspired by the local poet and reporter Miquel Bota Totxo, which results in the transmission of the idea of simplicity and at the same time reflects the relation to the original fruit of the land.
The association aims at being a place where its members can share their experiences in winemaking, and moreover, creates a space for those who are not in winery but wish to learn and appreciate all that is related to the world of winery. All in all, a space in which one can develop and Spreads wine culture.

pollensa wine festival

It all served as the primary motivation for the ‘Associació Vi Primitiu de Pollença’ to begin in 2004 the promotion of local winery products in a Wine Fair with the aim that all wineries of the Balearic Islands participating in it would be able to present their products to the general

The fair took place at the wonderful site of the Cloister of the Convent de Santo Domingo. The premises fostered an excellent ambiance for both exhibitors and visitors, who were able to enjoy the tastings of the best wines produced in the Balearic Islands.  The success and impact the fair had in and out of the Balearics surpassed all expectations, and continued in 2005. 2006 was the year during which the Fira del Vi de Pollença became the Fira Balear del Vi, with the consequent attendance of wineries of the other islands, which have continued to attend since then.


Frequent questions about the Pollensa wine festival:

    • What is the price of the Pollensa Wine Festival? The price in 2015 is 10€ per person.
    • What is included in the price of the Pollensa Wine Festival? The price includes a wine glass, a booklet with information of the wine cellars in the wine fair and a 3€ discount card when you purchase any wine in the fair.
    • What is the timetable of the Pollensa Wine Festival? The timetable is on Saturday from 10:00 – 20:30, and on Sunday from 10:00-14:00.
    • Where is the Pollensa Wine Festival taking place? It takes place in Pollensa old town, at the Cloister of the Convent de Santo Domingo. See below a map.

  • Dates of the Pollensa Wine Festival in 2015? It will be the 18 and 19 April 2015.
  • How to get to Pollensa old town from Puerto Pollensa? You can check here the timetables of the public bus from Puerto Pollensa to Pollensa old town. Another option is to go by taxi.
  • Wine cellars participating in the Pollensa Wine Festival in 2015? Below you can see a lost of the wine cellars participating, so you can plan ahead which wines you are interested in:

1. Son Campaner
2. Castell Miquel
3. Ana Vins
4. Conde de SUYROT
5. Son Bordils
6. Miquel Oliver Vinyes i Bodegues
7. Mortitx
8. Ca’n Vidalet
9. Son Sureda Ric
10. Miquel Gelabert
11. Bodegas Xaloc
12. Vinya Taujana
13. Vinyes i Vins Ca Sa Padrina
14. Son Ramon Vins i Vinyes
15. Pere Seda
16. Celler Son Vives
17. Butxet
18. Son Prim
19. José L. Ferrer
20. Sebastià Pastor
21. Ca’n Picó
22. Antonio Nadal Bodegas y Viñedos
23. Vid’Auba
24. Divins El Petit Celler de Selva
25. Can Feliu
26. Binigrau
27. Vins Can Coleto
28. Galmés i Ferrer
29. Es Verger
30. Bodegas Angel
31. Cooperativa Malvasia de Banyalbufar
32. Celler Mesquida Mora
33. Vins Galmes i Ribot
34. Bodegas Bordoy
35. Jaume de Puntiró

(this is a provisional list, pending of final confirmation)





If you visit the Pollensa wine festival, enjoy the Mallorcan wines and please pass our office in Puerto Pollensa to let us know how your experience was. We are at Paseo Saralegui 122, next to the Burguer King at the Nofrills Excursions office:




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