Fiestas Puerto Pollensa

Puerto Pollensa being at the heart of typical Mallorcan fiestas has some of the best around. Listed below are some of the most popular on offer:

5th January – The Three Kings:
For the children of Spain there isn’t such thing as Father Christmas if not “The Three Kings”.
As opposed to being on the 24th December as in the UK. The Three Kings arrive on the night of the 5th January, and when they arrive, they arrive in style!
Standing on the pedestrianized beach front of the Port cast a look over to the windy road leading down from Formentor where there are at least a fleet of 20 cars with their hazard lights on coming down. They then arrive in the port driving slowly along the main beach front tooting their horns and throwing sweets out the window.

Behind them are many delightful floats decorated in lots of colours also throwing sweets.
There are even some horses gracefully galloping down!
Then of course come the main attraction, the three kings arrive waving to all the children.
Heading up to the main church square everyone follows, where they finally stop and hand out small presents to the children.
16th January – Sant Antoni:
This is without a doubt one of the most lively fiestas around.
Most bars and restaurants all throughout town have a bonfire in the street where everyone gathers around.
Then at the main marina everyone stands and waits for the arrival of the “Dimonis” (Literally translated as the “Demons”).
The vibrant band loudly playing drums come marching down from the main square heading down to the taxi rank at the marina and finally right along the bay road to Llenaire.

But be warned for behind them follows the much anticipated demons. Dressed in black and red with traditional masks they carry a trident with fireworks attached to the end. They then run around dancing and weaving in between the crowds in a way chasing everyone!
Next they carry on their procession right up to Llenaire.

Following what it’s known as “The run of the demons” the sky lights up with many colourful fireworks let off from the beach front”.
17th January – Day of the pine tree
7th January – 13th February – Carnival:
With lively processions and many attractions and stalls in the main town square.
13th July – 18th July – Festa del verge del Carme

Fiestas Pollensa

7th January – 13th February – Carnival:
With lively processions and many attractions and stalls in the main town square.

17th January – Day of the Pine Tree:
Just like the Puerto Pollensa fiesta bearing the same name, the locals haul a huge pine tree stripped bare into what is known as “The Old Square” in Pollensa Old Town just behind the main church.
This is a breathtaking event where only the bravest locals try to climb to the top of the pine tree to reach what is basically a bin bag to release thousands of pieces of little confetti.

21st April – Holy Week 2011:
Procession ‘de la Sangre’
Route: Plaza Mayor > Mercat > Jonquet > Metge Sureda > Sant Jordi > Costa i Llobera > Monti-sion > Lleó > Jesús > Joan Guiraud > Mallorca > Abeurador de Sant Isidre > Roser Vell > Convento > Sant Domingo > Antoni Maura > Plaza Mayor.

22nd April – Holy Week 2011:
21.00h On Good Friday, the spectacular “Davallament” is held at the Calvari of Pollença: the procession with the image of the dead Jesus descends the Calvari hill down the 365 stone steps, bordered by Yew trees.

25th April – Day of the ‘Puig de Maria’:
At 12.30h Mass at the Puig de Maria followed by traditional Paella (Must be booked in advance).

4th July – 30th August – Music Festival.
The famous Pollensa music festival and general fiesta celebrating the town.

25th July – 2nd August – La Patrona:
Daily festivities in preparation for Moors and Christians ‘battle’ on 2-Aug.

2nd August – Moors and Christians
The moors and Christians festival is celebrated every august in the town of pollenca. It is a festival that relives the victory against the Turkish pirates in 1561. The locals will dress up and re-enact the events. The Christians dressed in white, fight against the moors, in their colour clothing. The battle takes place at 5am on the 2nd August. The festival ends with a spectacular firework display.

Fiestas Cala San Vicente

Being one of the smaller resorts on the island Cala San Vicente doesn’t have so many fiestas. In fact there is really only one! That is of course the fiesta of Cala San Vicente:

19th – 22nd August – Fiesta of Cala San Vicente:

During this time many artisans set up tables along the beach front to exhibit local produce. On the last night there is the fire spectacular with fireworks that light up the whole sky.