Calvary Steps

Calvari Steps

At the top of this little mountain with the same name there is a little church built between 1795-99. The floor design is slightly elliptical with a semicircular shape apse. To arrive to the church there is a big staircase of 365 steps from where you can see a wonderful view over Pollensa. Inside the church there is a sculptured group of the crucified Christ with the Virgin at his feet, from the XIVth century.

To get to the begining of the Calvary Steps, follow the signs to the Plaza Mayor (main square). Then take a left behind the main church into what is known as Plaza Vieja, continue straight on until you see the start of the steps to your right.

Calvary Steps Calvary Church

Pine Walk

The Pine Walk is probably one of the more gentle walks you can do.
Starting from the main roundabout by the Marina in Puerto Pollensa carry straight onto the pedestrianized area and keep on walking straight ahead.
Casually stroll along the cobbled streets with spectacular views of the beach to your right, and the Tramuntana mountains towering tall.

Pinewalk, Puerto Pollensa

As you head past the more busier beaches this is where the walk gets it`s name.
Lots of Pine trees branch across to give a much needed bit of shade.
It carries right onto the military base at the end, see if you can spot the famous yellow seaplane!

Puig de Maria

A sanctuary located at 330 metres, at the foot of the town, chapel, towerand walls… everything built between XIVth centuries. The gothic style predominates. The church is one of nave and preserves a popular image of the Virgin from the XIVth century. It was an important monastey and it was abandoned for a long time. Through this sanctuary there have been hermits, donors and religious orders. It has a path of stones from the XIVth century. It is recommended to do the journey on foot which is accessible just behind the Renault garage in Pollensa. An interesting fact is that when it was built, the American Air Force brought in helicopters to help lift building materials to the top.

On the main road from palma to pollenca, at 52km you will see a sign pointing to the Puig de maria. The climb up steps takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. The entire walk covers 7km. The sanctuary offers accommodation as a refuge. 22 euros per night for 2 bed accommodation plus 7euros each for a third or fourth person. Beware, there is no heating and bathrooms are communal, and only one shower comes with hot water. Hot food and baguettes are available and a bar service though. There is also a barbecue available for use.

Walking in Puerto Pollensa

Puerto Pollensa is perfect for walking! Walk along the sea front, with a nice breeze and enjoy the waves and sea air. Or cross the mountains for spectacular views, get to a particular beach in the middle of nowhere and have a swim in the clear blue sea to refresh! Read more