Beach in Puerto Pollensa

Today I would love to speak about the beach in Puerto Pollensa, just where my office is.

On both sides of the port in Puerto Pollensa you will find lovely sandy beaches.T he beach on the left side of the port is small and located along the boulevard where nice bars, restaurants and shops are. Some parts of the beaches here belong to hotels and are private for guests.

On the right side of the port in Puerto Pollensa you will find a long beautiful beach, no private parts at all.

All the beaches in Puerto Pollensa are provided with sunbeds and umbrellas, a service of the Balearic Government.

For a few euros you can hire a bed and / or umbrella on the beach, it is of course aloud to bring your own towel and

choose your own place for the day! Also, you will find toilets and showers on the beaches on the right side of the port.

The sea in the Bay of Pollensa is usually not very rough. It used to be a calm sea where you can have a lovely swim, go snorkeling and relax on your lilo. For children the beach and sea in Puerto Pollensa is ideal, it is not very deep there where you get in to the sea and the beaches and sea are never very busy.

The sea is very clear, small fishes swim peaceful around in the light blue water and the view from the beach in Puerto Pollensa is amazing!

The port on your side, some small fishing boats in front of you, the mountains in the distance and white sand in between your toes; The beach in Puerto Pollensa gives you a very relaxing day.

Don´t forget to visit your No Frills Office in resort, along the boulevard, for information about the excursions and some ´action´ on your holidays!

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