Fiestas Puerto Pollensa

Puerto Pollensa being at the heart of typical Mallorcan fiestas has some of the best around. Listed below are some of the most popular on offer:

5th January – The Three Kings:
For the children of Spain there isn’t such thing as Father Christmas if not “The Three Kings”.
As opposed to being on the 24th December as in the UK. The Three Kings arrive on the night of the 5th January, and when they arrive, they arrive in style!
Standing on the pedestrianized beach front of the Port cast a look over to the windy road leading down from Formentor where there are at least a fleet of 20 cars with their hazard lights on coming down. They then arrive in the port driving slowly along the main beach front tooting their horns and throwing sweets out the window.

Behind them are many delightful floats decorated in lots of colours also throwing sweets.
There are even some horses gracefully galloping down!
Then of course come the main attraction, the three kings arrive waving to all the children.
Heading up to the main church square everyone follows, where they finally stop and hand out small presents to the children.
16th January – Sant Antoni:
This is without a doubt one of the most lively fiestas around.
Most bars and restaurants all throughout town have a bonfire in the street where everyone gathers around.
Then at the main marina everyone stands and waits for the arrival of the “Dimonis” (Literally translated as the “Demons”).
The vibrant band loudly playing drums come marching down from the main square heading down to the taxi rank at the marina and finally right along the bay road to Llenaire.

But be warned for behind them follows the much anticipated demons. Dressed in black and red with traditional masks they carry a trident with fireworks attached to the end. They then run around dancing and weaving in between the crowds in a way chasing everyone!
Next they carry on their procession right up to Llenaire.

Following what it’s known as “The run of the demons” the sky lights up with many colourful fireworks let off from the beach front”.
17th January – Day of the pine tree
7th January – 13th February – Carnival:
With lively processions and many attractions and stalls in the main town square.
13th July – 18th July – Festa del verge del Carme

Calvary Steps

Calvari Steps

At the top of this little mountain with the same name there is a little church built between 1795-99. The floor design is slightly elliptical with a semicircular shape apse. To arrive to the church there is a big staircase of 365 steps from where you can see a wonderful view over Pollensa. Inside the church there is a sculptured group of the crucified Christ with the Virgin at his feet, from the XIVth century.

To get to the begining of the Calvary Steps, follow the signs to the Plaza Mayor (main square). Then take a left behind the main church into what is known as Plaza Vieja, continue straight on until you see the start of the steps to your right.

Calvary Steps Calvary Church

Cala San Vicente

Cala San Vicente is the third most populated area and it is important to emphasize its quietness and its wonderful views.

Cala San vincente is the smallest resort on the island, the village itself is part of the municipal district of pollensa on the north west coast of the island. Approximately 60km north of the capital palma and 5km north west of pollensa old town. Cala San Vincente has buses and taxis available in order for you to reach the old town of pollensa and Puerto pollensa. Before the arrival of tourists, the municipal district of pollensa was one of the wealthiest areas on the island. Traditionally with strong links to farming and fishing. Cala san vincente is still essentially a fishing village that has made limited concessions to the islands tourist trade. The fisherman still use the beach for repairing nets and storing goods. The scenery is rugged and dramatic . Cala San vincente is certainly not a place for nightlife and more suited to those wanting a quieter holiday.

Cala San Vicente features a small group of inlets of light crystalline waters of which include “Cala Barques”, “Cala Clara”, “Cala Molins” and “Cala Carbo”. There is also a group of seven prehistoric caves, “L’alzineret”, belonging to the Mediterranean Bronze Age.

Cala San Vicente

Cala San Vicente

You can quite easily catch a bus from the main bus stop in Puerto Pollensa to Cala San Vicente, and is well worth the short 15 minute ride.

Cala San Vicente’s quietness is what makes it so relaxing to just spend a lazy day on the beach and swimming all around the beautiful inlets.

Puerto Pollensa Beach

This beach is ideal for families. White, Sand, long, wide and not overcrowded.
Part of the beach is also in a pedestrianized area and more tranquil popular for watersports & snorkelling/scuba diving.

Strung along the entire length of the beach you can find many umbrellas and sun beds.
The average price for two sunbeds and an umbrella is about 11€ .
Pedalos can also be rented for a small fee of 11€ also. This entitles you to an hour on the beautiful Mediterranean sea.
Many watersports catering all sorts of tastes can be found all along the beach.
There are activities such as Kayaking, Parasailing, banana boats and many more…

Did you know? There’s a great little pizza place right on the beach called “Tamarells” who do superb food at a great price. Many thanks to previous clients of Nofrills Excursions for finding this gem and letting us know!

Cala Formentor

Sandy and pebbled, clear blue waters and a very laid back day are what this exclusive beach have to offer it’s visitors.
Residing just below the famous 5 star “Formentor Hotel” you might even spot a celebrity or two!

There are two ways to get to the beach of Formentor, one is by driving up the twisting and turning roads in car or by local bus which you can catch at the main Bus Stop.

While you are there, perhaps have a coffee in the hotel but expect to pay a lot more than the average price. There is a snack bar in Formentor, but prices are above average, so perhaps consider taking a picnic and your own drinks.

You can of course also get the ferry from the marina in the Port.
This is probably a much more relaxed option to choose as you gently glide across the Bay of Pollensa taking in the stunning views of the Traumuntana Mountains.

If you would like more information on the ferry service to Formentor or indeed any other boat trips you are more than welcome to visit one of our excursion office where one of our staff members will be more than happy to assist in any questions: