Dolphin watching in Pollensa

Are you ready for a dolphin watching experience from Port de Pollensa?  There is now a tour to search for dolphins in their natural habitat aboard a sailing catamaran, to get panoramic views of the Formentor Peminsula along the way and to see the sunset in Port de Pollensa.

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About dolphins in Port de Pollensa:

Many people who has seen dolphins, it has probably been in dolphinariums – in Mallorca, we have the Marineland delfinarium which is awarded by their dolphin and sea lions show.  Not many people have been able to see dolphins in wild, and now it is possible from Port de Pollensa.


These animals swim up to 65km each day, use highly developed fishing techniques and have strong social bonds.  Wild dolphins are sociable, speedy sea-dwellers, so the experience you get on a dolphin watching tour is really dependent on them – and on the weather.  Each dolphin species has its own unique behaviour – with bottlenose dolphins being some of the most friendly, dusky dolphins of the southern hemisphere being more outgoing and acrobatic, and spinner dolphins being some of the most exciting, as they twist their bodies through the air.


With the expertise of a great captain and crew, you can do a dolphin watching trip and see these animals in wild.

Dolphin watching from Port Pollensa

The Dolphin watching trip from Port Pollensa:

This dolphin tour is only available from May to October being a great opportunity to see dolphins in the sea, together with the stunning sunrise in the Bay of Pollensa.

The trip starts around 06:00, before sunrise, on a  sailing catamaran it heads for the Cape of Formentor where we can enjoy the magnificent sunrise. Then we will go to find dolphins in wild. Once we find the dolphins we will stay a while to watch these majestic creatures swimming and jumping in the high seas in total liberty. You can take photos or videos to remember this wonderful experience all your life.

On the way back, a small breakfast is served onboard, consisting on coffee, juice or tea with some pastries.

Some information about the dolphin trip:

  • Duration: 3 hours approximately, starting at 06:00 from Port de Pollensa.
  • Prices: 49€ adults and 38€ children.
  • Dates: every Monday and Thursday, from May to October.
  • Where to book? you can book online here or at or at the nofrills excursions shop in Port de Pollensa.


Dolphin watching video:

On this video recorded in Summer 2018 you can see exactly how the experience is:


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