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Walk from Port Pollensa to Cala San Vicente

Today we have a walking tour taking us from Puerto Pollensa to Cala San Vicente. As far as trekking in Mallorca is concerned, this is one of the easier walks and it’s possible to do it all year round. Are you ready to explore?

Today we wanted to present you an excursion in Mallorca that can be done any time of the year: Summer or Winter. In fact, doing it in summer offers some advantages because you can take the opportunity to have a swim in the gorgeous Cala San Vicente coves.

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Some info about the walk to Cala San Vicente:

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How long is the excursion? It’s about a 7km round trip so can take about three hours at an easy pace. If you decide to stop for a while in Cala San Vicente then the duration will be a lot longer. We advise you allow time to enjoy Cala San Vicente because the beaches are beautiful and the scenery is amazing. You could get lunch at one of the bars or stop for refreshments.
With children or without? There’s no problem doing this excursion with children; the terrain is not too difficult and they’ll have a great time. If you do the walk in summer then surely the children will be the first in the sea at Cala San Vicente.
What to bring? Bring water and a snack, like a piece of fruit, sun cream and a camera. If you are going to swim then you will need towels and bathing suits too.

Why we like this walk from Puerto Pollensa to Cala San Vicente

It’s an easy excursion and is ideal for people of all levels of fitness. It’s one of the few walks that can be done in summer when normally it’s too hot for hiking. But the inviting water in Cala San Vicente makes for a refreshing dip.

Our experience on the walk from Puerto Pollensa to Cala San Vicente:

We started our excursion at the entrance to Puerto Pollensa coming from Pollensa. At the roundabout we took a left and parked near the Duva and Habitat Apartments/Hotel. In fact, right where we parked there is a sign indicating “Siller”. We followed that direction for 300m and then took a left on the track towards the mountains on the road to Siller. It’s a rural track that we followed for a short while until we came to an iron gate. This is a public right of way and the gate is left open and you are free to pass.
In terms of orientation this first part is the most tricky as there are not many indications, so here are some photos.
walk cala san vicente port pollensa


Once you’ve gone through the iron gate it’s just a matter of following the path. There are many cairns (piles of stones used as way-markers) and painted red dots to follow, but it’s not difficult anyway. The route ascends towards the Coll de Siller. During this walk uphill, we should turn around from time to time to enjoy the wonderful views of Pollensa Bay, the Sierra de Formentor, La Fortaleza and Alcudia Old Town behind us.
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The Coll de Siller marks the highest point of our walk and then we begin our descent down the other side. About 200m after we start to go down, we must pay close attention to the path; the main path continues straight on, but to our left there are two cairns indicating a minor path which is the one we are going to take. This is the route to Cala Molins and follows a narrow footpath which will take us the back way into Cala Molins. We walk for about 20 minutes on this narrow path, which finally takes us down to the sea and to Cala Molins, one of the four coves of Cala San Vicente. Here we can cool off in the sea or relax with a drink, while we enjoy the view.
walk cala san vicente port pollensa (1)
Our way back starts from Cala Molins. Facing the sea we head right, towards Cala Carbo, a small and very beautiful cove where you might see a few old-fashioned fishing rafts tied up. We follow the road, not the steps, and this takes us on a steep ascent towards Puerto Pollensa. At the end of this road there is a roundabout at the top of the hill and from here we take a left and rejoin the wide track that we diverted from when we went towards Cala Molins on the way down. This is the path that takes us back to the Coll de Siller and then we walk back down the way that we came back to Puerto Pollensa.

Route of the walk:

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More information about this walk:


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